3-Year hard coating is an essential equipment for automotive dealers as it is an ultra-durable anti-static, hydrophobic, weather resistant coat. This dual composite ceramic nano glass coating works on a molecular level to guard the surface. It forms a stronger long-lasting protective layer once applied to any surface.

Prominently known as the 9H PRO COATING, it is much more efficient than 1-Year hard coating in terms of resistance. It is fundamentally for the use of professionals. Endowed with the benefits of providing scratch less surface, preventing color dullness, highly repellant action towards grime, stains, bird beat, oxidation and even harmful UV rays, it is a miraculous treatment for any vehicle.


  • 1.5~2.0 Micron thick. It doubly protects against color fading, acid rain, tree sap, oxidation, bug splatter, bird droppings, road grime, harmful UV rays, corrosion, hard water stains and light scratches.

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Dual composite

Apart from the thick 7H layer, there is an additional 2H top layer that further increases the effectiveness of this coat.

Highly scratch resistance

The double defense mechanism makes the surface tough against scratches and resists light swirling.

Ultra hard coat

The high density of quartz doubles the protective layer, forming an extremely hard shield against external factors.

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