Tyre Coating

Tyre clear coat restores back the black shine of tyres. It is environmental safe and silicone free. Silicone based products are quite destructive as they promote tyre yellowing, cracking and can destroy the UV/ozone protectants that are essential to the life, color, and texture of a tyre. Whereas perma shine is ultra-durable and designed to provide permanent adhesion. However, it is also heavily dependent upon a proper initial application, ongoing care, and the environment the treated tyres are exposed to.


Quick application: Tyre Coating hardly takes 5 to 20 minutes to dry and makes the whole process of car maintenance ultra-fast.

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Superior mud repellant

This silicone free coat easily resists muck from sticking onto the tyres and continues to maintain its clear appearance.

Ultra vivid gloss

Incredible transparency restores faded look and accelerates an ultra-smooth shiny finesse.

Immensely anti-static

This feature disperses the formation of static charges – it drives out any dust build up due to dry conditions.

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