Dash Coating

Dash Coating uses water based nano coating instead of silicone to bring back life to faded interiors. Environmental elements can damage any vehicle, affecting dash trim, and other interior parts. This is not just a cosmetic dressing but a silicone free coating. Usually, silicone products add temporary shine and do not offer any longtime solution. Moreover, silicone oils have been known to dry out the applied areas creating a bigger problem of leaving a greasy residue even after buffing.


Amazingly revives appearance : It adds life to the dull exterior of leather, plastic, vinyl and rubber along with providing UV protection.

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Key Features

Highly dust proof

This quartz based dashboard protection product reveals excellent self-cleaning properties, thereby, making the surface totally dust repellent.

Ultra refined surface

This coat strengthens the shine of all metallic particles, prevents water spots and makes the surface feel slicker.

Silicone free

Dash pro tech is a specially formulated water based nano coating that remains untouched from the malignant effects of silicone.

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