9H COATING is an advanced ceramic automotive paint coating, which offers not only high durability but most of all superb hydrophobic properties and unmatched gloss. Unlike other products, owing to its content of quartz, it gives an incredible transparency of the cured coat. It is also totally resistant to any type of chemical with pH between 2 and 11.

It specifically protects against color fading, acid rain, tree sap, oxidation, bug splatter, bird droppings, road grime, harmful UV rays, corrosion, hard water stains and light scratches.


1 year warranty: In comparison to other waxes and polishes, this Liquid Diamond Coating lasts for at least 1 year due to its excellent strength.

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Key Features

Very high durability

The presence of more than 60% quartz boosts toughness of the cured surface up to 9H hardness on the MOHS scale.

Superb hydrophobic effect

The advanced nano technology facilitates water repellence ability, thereby, deterring water bond with the coated surface.

Extreme weather resistant

Irrespective of rain, storm or hot weather, the vehicle continues to retain its original shine due to the protective layer formed by 9H COATING.

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