Experience more than a service center…

We are unique, our products are unique and so are our service centers– the Coating Studio. We use world’s best polishing pads, polishers and ultra-premium chemicals that gently paint correct adding perfection to a vehicle’s delicate paint. For ultimate finishing and durability, we employ the process of Corrective Paint Restoration.

Due to potential prior damages caused by improper buffing techniques, our paint experts MUST see the car in person to give an accurate servicing estimate. No estimates can be done over the phone without visual inspection as vehicle conditions may vary. Further, pricing is determined on the basis of paint condition and protection package chosen.

The transformation that Always Dry Coating Studio will put your prized possession through will be nothing short of spectacular regardless of the service you choose. We treat every single vehicle as if it were our own, and our desire to achieve perfection is applied during every session.

Save time, money and your car paint by filling the following details. Exciting offers and packages are waiting for you!

Body Repair & Paint

An apt process for deeply scratched and dented vehicles. The idea behind this is to add perfection to a vehicle by treating the damaged paint surface.

Corrective Paint Restoration

CPR is the intense procedure of preparing the car surface for coating by removing minor scratches and swirls. It may also include wet sanding or claying if necessary.


The final road that takes any vehicle to the ultimate level of protection and shine. The vehicle is coated with ultra hard nano ceramic coating and cured in a highly advanced environment.

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