Wheel Coating

Wheel Coating is specially formulated to withstand extreme heat created by braking system of vehicles! It is the best protection for all types of wheels whether standard, painted, chrome or alloys. Its unique, exceptionally fine surface rheology and chemical bonding mechanism is outstanding. The former property gives this coating its excellent stain and contaminant resistant ability, whereas the chemical bond formed between the surfaces of the wheel makes this coating durable.


Easy cleaning ability : The distinguishing feature of wheel tech is its ability to clean alloy wheels and rims in a hassle free manner.

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Key Features

Prevents oxidation

The innovative nano coating technology prohibits oxidation and prevents paintwork from fading.

Outstanding beading effect

This chemical free coat comes with hydrophobic effects that do not let any liquid withstand on the surface.

Terrific UV protection

Wheel pro tech forms a defensive armor against the harsh rays of sun, which otherwise negatively affect rims.

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