After using 3-Year hard coating, your car does not need any polish for the next 3 years. In case of 1-Year hard coating, you can go polish free for 1 year. Get your car coated and all you need is practical car care.
Coating prices are totally subjected to the type of coating deal you have opted for. There are different packages with exciting offers on website, you can find the best offers there.
Always Dry products are not for individual usage. However, if you are interested in opening a franchise store, then you can contact us via email or register at the franchise page. We will soon get back to you. Paint correction is a very labor intensive process and is usually the most time consuming part of the car detailing process. Consequently, it commands a high premium should only be attempted by a highly trained professional. Therefore, it is suggested to get coating at our service center under the guidance of trained mechanics and experts. We assure you that it will be worth every penny you invest on your car.
Probably the most important aspect of owning a car is for how long it holds its resale value considering its condition after 4-5 years. We all agree a car that looks shiny and free of apparent scratches will hold its value much greater than the one that’s not!  Protecting your car’s paint is a worthwhile investment, not an expenditure.
Please contact your nearest dealer to avail our services. Contact your dealer for a price quote or Visit us online at
We are not claiming we are better than them. But there are a few major differences. The biggest difference is curing time.
  • Ours is by far the quickest.
  • Ours has the same effect with a higher contact angle making it super hydrophobic.
  • What we are doing is bringing ceramic coatings more main stream so that almost anyone can use it. We made the application simple, still careful, but easy enough that anyone can apply it.
All of our competitors have so much red tape around anyone purchasing it. You have to be a professional or trained and authorized to use their products. Our curing is instant. It is tack free within minutes. The coated surface becomes fully cured in 48 hours but the vehicle can be driven immediately after coating application. So no more waiting hours or days until the process is done.
Simply because 3-Year Hard Coating adds true value to the buyer and to the vehicle. 9H PRO COATING gives an incredible high gloss and maintains the value of a new car. Superior paint protection means less maintenance, less car washes and we promise you’ll never wax your car again. You will save time, money and the environment not to forget the pride in owning a great looking vehicle. 9H PRO COATING is professional grade. For proper application and 3 year warranty to be valid, it must be applied by an authorized dealer.
9H coating or Liquid Diamond Coat has 9H hardness in the Mohs scale. It’s comprised of nano glass particles made of special Quartz sand. 9H coating creates a permanent chemical bond with factory clear coat that has a durability which is measured in years not months. 9H coating also creates an ultra-smooth surface that repels water, mud and other contaminants. Coated vehicle can be washed chemical free and with 80% less water.
  Ultra-hard   9H PRO coating is professional grade and better version of 9H coating. It’s our hardest and the best coating.
  9H coating has lower concentration and is for the price conscious.   It’s thicker (denser nano glass particles), has better shine, better dust-repellency and better durability. Once applied it can only be removed by machine sanding.
  Ultra - Durable.   It offers extreme durability.
  Has a warranty of 1 Year.   Comes with 3 Years warranty.
Neither will "wear" away from washing nor with the passage of time. Both would need to be abraded or have a paint remover used on them to be removed. Both have their individual benefits.
Some good things do last longer. We guarantee our ceramic coating will last for as long as three years or may be longer. Just abide by the following common requirements – like not using abrasive harsh chemicals to wash your car– and you're good to go. May be forever! Bring your vehicle to Always Dry authorized dealer once a year to check the paint condition (for FREE, of course). Always Dry India may repair or re-coat vehicle if necessary.
**The warranty is not transferable. Vehicles must be registered in the original purchase name at time of claim.
**Damage caused by neglect is not covered.
**Always dry India is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages.
**3 year warranty is only valid on vehicles coated with 9H PRO COATING and 1 year warranty is valid on vehicles coated with 9H COATING. This is the warranty that we are offering but the coating may last for a longer duration than the offered warranty period depending on how well you maintain your vehicle.

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