Glass Coating

An exceptionally water-repellent coating for windshield as well as glasses sheds water while driving at high speed. The unique nano coating enhances a “clear” driving experience. The application of this product can be extended to household goods.

Glass Coating hardly takes 4 seconds to form a strong coat on the glass surface. Thus, reducing cleaning time to a significant extent. It is extreme abrasion free and lasts for a longer duration. So next time, you have to battle rain your car can trust Vision tech.


Toughens Glass : The layers of this coating add toughness to the windshield and even windows, forming an envelope of protection.

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Key Features

Effectual invisible wiper

This windshield guard improves visibility by forming an invisible coat that does not let rain cloud the surface.

Covers minor scratches

The effect of this nano technology infused coating is such that it easily conceals trivial scratches.

Great Anti-glare ability

Vision tech works as an anti-reflective spectacle which also offers resistance from dust and dirt.

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